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Jacobin example

Let's look at a simple Jocobin example written in Cray OpenACC:

!     matmult.f90 - simple matrix multiply implementation 
     subroutine initialize(a, b, n)
       real a(n,n)
       real b(n,n)
! first initialize the A matrix
       do i = 1,n 
         do j = 1,n 
           a(j,i) = i 
         end do
       end do
! then initialize the B matrix
       do i = 1,n 
         do j = 1,n 
           b(j,i) = i 
         end do
       end do
     end subroutine initialize
     subroutine multiply_matrices(a, b, c, matsize)
       real a(matsize, matsize)
       real b(matsize, matsize)
       real c(matsize, matsize)
       real ctemp
       integer i, j, k, l, m, matsize
!$acc data copyin(a,b) copyout(c)
!$acc kernels loop
       do k = 1,matsize
         do i = 1,matsize
           do j = 1,matsize
             c(i,k) = c(i,k) + a(i,j) * b(j,k)
!$acc end kernels loop
!$acc end data 
     end subroutine multiply_matrices      
     program main
     integer SIZE_OF_MATRIX
     parameter (SIZE_OF_MATRIX = 1000)     
     integer matsize
     matsize = SIZE_OF_MATRIX 
     call initialize(a, b, matsize)
! multiply the matrices here using C(i,j) += (A(i,k)* B(k,j)) 
     call multiply_matrices(a, b, c, matsize)
     end program main

We will start with a simple OpenACC parallel loop directive right before the Jacobian computation.Here is the TAU profile:

Step3 basic.jpg

We have profiles for the Jacobi kernel ("jacobi_$ck_L215_2"), Memory copies, and CPU synchronization. Look at the time spent copying data to the GPU, it completely dominates the runtime, let look at the some details:

Step3 bytes.jpg

Nearly 26,000 Memory copies for a total of 99 GB. That is a lot of memory being moved. As a improvement let's try to keep as much data on the GPU as possible.

Next we have initialized the matrices on GPU, performed on the initialization on the GPU. This is the profile we see:

Step4 basic.jpg

Much better performance Memory copies to the GPU and now a quarter of what it was. The second kernel ("jacobi_$ck_L281_6") is the final reduction. And the number of bytes copied:

Step4 bytes.jpg

Only 25 GB in about 11,500 copies.


Here is how to configure and use TAU to collect Cray OpenACC:

./configure -arch=craycnl -cuda=/opt/nvidia/cudatoolkit/4.1.28 -cudalibrary=-L/opt/nvidia/cudatoolkit/4.1.28/lib64\ -L/opt/nvidia/cudatoolkit/4.1.28/extras/CUPTI/lib64\ -lcupti\ -L/opt/cray/nvidia/default/lib64\ -lcuda -bfd=none -mpi -useropt=-DTAU_MPICH3

And run this way:

export TAU_CUPTI_API=driver
aprun -n 8 tau_exec -T mpi,cray,cupti -cupti ./himeno