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To compile icepic, put in the usual TAU_COMPILER stuff in ICEPIC/ file. There are mk/Make.* files for different architectures. Also, you must remove from mp/mp_init.c: umask(0127); so it can create MULTI* directories on kraken. My file loooks like :

include /site/PET/tau/rs6000/lib/Makefile.tau-mpi-pdt
#Set the compilers...
OPT = -optKeepFiles -optVerbose -optTauSelectFile=$(WORKDIR)/ICEPIC2/ICEPIC/select.tau
F77=$(TAU_COMPILER) $(OPT) xlf_r
F90=$(TAU_COMPILER) $(OPT) xlf_r
CC=$(TAU_COMPILER) $(OPT) mpcc_r
LD=$(TAU_COMPILER) $(OPT) mpcc_r
AR=ar scrv
RM=/bin/rm -f

CFLAGS =  -bD:0x80000000 -O5 -qstrict -qarch=pwr4 -qtune=pwr4 -qenum=small -Q=1000
#CFLAGS = -bD:0x80000000 -g -qstrict -Q -qfloat=rsqrt -qflttrap=overflow:underflow:zerodivide:inva
lid:inexact -qinfo=dcl:ini:ret:enu:gen
#XTRALIBS := $(XTRALIBS) -L/site/PET/pkgs/ipm/lib -lmpi_r -lmpi -ldl
XTRALIBS := $(XTRALIBS) -lmpi -ldl

To run the code you just need an ice.dat file in your directory (ICEPIC/icepic) that has the executable (called icepic). There is a script to submit it on kraken in ~browne/llmpi-icepic2-tau or in ~sameer/icepic2 directory and the executable reads input from a file called ice.dat. Execute as poe ./icepic. The ice.dat file can be found in ~sameer/icepic2 directory on kraken.