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TAU provides shell scripts tau_cxx.sh, tau_f90.sh and tau_cc.sh for C++,F90 and C compilers. These are typically installed in <taudir>/<arch>/bin directory. You may replace the compiler in your Makefiles with these scripts. These scripts may also be used on the command line. Each configuration of TAU has a stub makefile associated with it. For instance,


This makefile specifies the measurement components that have been configured with it. In this case it shows that TAU's MPI wrapper interposition library and PDT have been configured. You need to set the environment variable:


to point to this stub makefile. You can also pass arguments to the four stages of compilation using the environment variable


For a complete list of options that tau_compiler.sh takes (these scripts invoke tau_compiler.sh) please see

% tau_compiler.sh -help

To keep intermediate files, turn on the verbose mode and use a selective instrumentation file select.tau, we can set:

% set path=($path <taudir>/<arch>/bin)
% setenv TAU_MAKEFILE <taudir>/<arch>/lib/Makefile.tau-mpi-pdt
% setenv TAU_OPTIONS  '-optKeepFiles -optVerbose -optTauSelectFile="select.tau"'

and then use:

% tau_f90.sh foo.f90 -o foo

to compiler foo.f90 and create an executable called foo.

or in this case,

% tau_cxx.sh computePi.cpp -o computePi

TAU also has an environment variable TAU_THROTTLE which may be turned on to enable runtime throttling of events that are lightweight. TAU uses a default rule of

numcalls > 100000 && usecs/call < 10

which means that if a function executes greater than 100000 times and has an inclusive time per call of less than 10 microseconds, that function will be disabled after that threshold is reached. To change the values of numcalls and usecs/call the user may optionally set environment variables:

% setenv TAU_THROTTLE 1
% setenv TAU_THROTTLE_NUMCALLS 2000000

to change the values to 2 million and 5 microseconds per call. Throttling is disabled by default and will not take effect unless the TAU_THROTTLE environment variable is set to some value.

Instead of using the shell scripts tau_f90.sh, tau_cxx.sh and tau_cc.sh, the user may directly invoke the tau_compiler.sh shell script by first including the TAU stub makefile and then using a prefix $(TAU_COMPILER) for the name of the compiler. For e.g.,

include <taudir>/<arch>/lib/Makefile.tau-mpi-pdt

F90 = $(TAU_COMPILER) mpxlf90_r


include <taudir>/<arch>/lib/Makefile.tau-mpi-pdt
OPTIONS = '-optVerbose -optTauSelectFile="select.tau"'

The <taudir>/include/Makefile always points to the last configured version of TAU. To see all configurations, please refer to the <taudir>/.all_configs file. NOTE: Throttling of instrumentation is available in TAU v2.15 or better.