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This page has a collection of suggestions by our users on how to improve TAU.

Command Line Utilities

  • ability to dump/delete some entries (Apps, experiments, trials) in the perfdmf database.


  • The "Domain Axis" should provide the option to plot only integer steps, fractional processor counts don't make much sense.
  • The ability to switch between log and linear scale in the graphs could come in quite handy.
  • Ability to exclude/delete a trial from an experiment


  • Ability to change/sort function order in 3D view


  • Faster...propose tricks or recommend DBs other than Derby if it's the source of the horrible trial import slowness and DB manipulation. ie: a 262K set of trials takes 3 seconds to import using derby + perfdmf_loadtrial on an Opteron 244 with plenty of RAM...
  • Give the ability to delete and move Experiments/Trials from the database through either interfaces, with multiple-select
  • Export to PDF (ie: for inclusion into latex documents), I currently export as SVG, open graphics in Inkscap, shrink page to fit the graphic and then "save as" PDF... automating this and/or being able to skip this step would be nice.
  • import wizard, ie: a folder contains folders named such as trial_# where # is the trial number for Application X into which we want to import the trials. The wizard would ask for the folder naming pattern by which it could extract the trials. This could obviously be extended to Program_$NAME->Experiment_$ID->Trial_#. I currently script this using perfdmf_loadtrial in a BASH script but I am sure other people would appreciate the added ease of trial/experiment/App management.